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Meet Kate Toomey

2021 Campaign statement

I am running for reelection to the Worcester City Council because I am committed to continuing the work I have been a part of to make positive change in Worcester. I know that we will hopefully be adjusting to a post-Covid life in our city and want to be a part of that transition for our residents. The world will be different, and the needs of our residents will be both the same and different. Key needs that will not change are safe communities, good schools, and clean and safe streets. The post-Covid need for many is access to job training and new jobs.

I commit to advocating for these issues for our residents. I bring a depth and breadth of experience to the City Council that many do not have. In my private life I have been an educator, involved in the senior care field and in the addiction treatment field. I am also a small business owner.

As a former School Committee member, I understand the importance of great schools and the needs of our students. As a City Councilor, I have been Chair of Traffic and Parking, Education, Public Works and Public Safety. I understand the need for technology as our city grows, the importance of a walkable city, and the need to ensure we provide a Green Worcester for our children’s future. I also want a city that ensures that no matter what neighborhood you are from, no matter race, religion, ethnicity or gender, that Worcester is a place you can succeed in and raise a family.

I am proud of Worcester. 116 different countries are represented by our residents who speak over 80 different native languages. I have worked to make sure that our city reaches out to minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses so they have support to expand and access state and municipal contracts. I have advocated for our local restaurants and small businesses during the difficult times we have had during Covid. I also know that we need to ensure our residents have access to good jobs to support their families. Encouraging new business growth helps all of us homeowners as well.

I would be honored if you would allow me to continue to represent you as a Voice of Experience and Common Sense. Thank you very much.

kate's priorities

Clean Streets, Safe Community, Good Schools & More Jobs!

With your vote, Kate will be able to continue this work.

Safe Community

Kate also knows we need safe streets and schools, maintaining police and fire staffing levels as well as continued investment in streets and sidewalks.

Identifying the Jobs of Tomorrow

Kate’s priorities include identifying the jobs of tomorrow like robotics, cybersecurity and biotechnology, so we can educate our citizens for them today, teaming up with our local colleges to help startups and bring new business to Worcester.

Good for Business

Kate also knows that more businesses in our city provides more jobs and increases our tax base.

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